Maldives needs to broaden trade links with country

Invites country corporations to speculate in massive Maldivan comes

The Maldivan diplomatist in country Her Excellency Mrs. Zahiya Zareer invited the Sri Lankan corporations to speculate in development comes in Maldives.

“We area unit gap massive comes for International bidding, like landing field development, housing, hospitals and renewable power projects’, she aforesaid throughout a gathering with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce command early in the week.

“Even currently there area unit massive Sri Lankan firms operational in Maldives and that we would really like alternative fascinating firms to bid for varied projects’ Her Excellency additional told throughout the meeting, she had with the CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake.

Mrs. Zareer was conjointly of the read that country and Maldives ought to look to create a lot of business ties, moving far from the historically listed merchandise between the 2 nations, like fruits, vegetables and fisheries.

In response, Mrs. Wijayatilake aforesaid, “We will inspect potential synergies existing between the 2 nations to explore a lot of opportunities’.

Education and health services were mentioned as potential areas that would be additional developed.

During discussions, it absolutely was discovered that over 5000 Sri Lankans area unit operating in Maldives, chiefly within the touristry sector, whereas over ten,000 Maldivan nationals reside in country for varied functions like education.

Mrs. Lilakshini Delaware Mel, Senior Assistant Secretary General of the Ceylon Chamber, Mr. Mohamed A. Waheed, Counselor and man. Ali Nasih, Second Secretary of the Maldives embassy in country conjointly attended the meeting.