'Cooking with semen' class is coming to London - yet is it only a major attention stunt?

A 'cooking with semen' class is coming to London - yet it's not as strange as it sounds.

Class members will be requested that bring their own - or an accomplice's - discharge to a mystery area in Shoreditch where they'll throw together a full feast with beverages.

The class gourmet expert will show participants how to utilize semen as a center fixing in everything from chicken dishes to tipples and divert bouches.
A book called Natural Harvest by Paul Phoenhauer really exists, loaded with "a gathering of semen-based formulas". It as of now has a four-star rating on Amazon.

In spite of asserting it is "nutritious" with "astounding cooking properties", it's difficult to educate exactly how genuine he is regarding the entire attempt.

Addressing SF Weekly he said he doesn't place semen in all his nourishment, yet said it was just a "fun contort".

So given the proposed London menu is as play on words tastic as you'd expect (yank chicken and schlong island frosted teas are among the things on the menu) it's vague exactly how genuine the entire venture is.

What's more, given the official statement vigorously plugs another occasions booking administration, it might be an awful taste exposure stunt.

Sex master Alix Fox, selected to advance the occasion, said: "While this will certainly dismay numerous individuals, a few people consider expending such a private substance a mind blowing turn-on.

"I think about when you consider that people frequently devour eggs – which are basically the result of a chicken discharging – eating an accomplice's semen doesn't appear to be so round the contort.

"There are some intriguing purposes of dialog to investigate in this area, as well.

"Could semen be considered vegan, for instance? What are the potential wellbeing and dangers?"

She said that fresher semen is better, however said that solidifying it to safeguard it is conceivable, yet may influence the flavor and consistency.

Those intrigued are requested that enlist their advantage, and if more than 30 individuals apply the class will proceed the next week.