Nike Mag: Raffle opens to permit fans to win self-binding shoes from Back To The Future

Nike is allowing individuals to win a couple of the self-binding Nike Mag shoes from Back To The Future.

In any case, there'll just be one of the shoes on offer, so whoever gets them must be fortunate.

Not at all like in the US and Canada, where anybody in those nations could enter on the web, the UK wager must be entered at Nike Town in London. Also, it might be open on 15 and 16 October.
Amid that time, individuals will likewise have the capacity to observe the shoes.

Individuals who need to enter the attract pay £10 to do as such. The greater part of the returns from those sections will go to the Michael J Fox Foundation, and in the long run towards working for a cure for Parkinson's.

The attract takes after sales Hong Kong and London. A couple of the self-binding shoes was sold at each.

In the event that you pass up a great opportunity, there's one final match of shoes being wagered in New York, at the Michael J Fox Foundation's advantage celebration on 12 November. However, given that they've gone for several thousands so far – and that the New York sale is probably going to be the most all around went to – they're probably going to go for a gigantic whole of cash.

Taking all things together, 89 sets of the shoes are being sold. All of them were made accessible through the US and Canadian wagers.

All contestants to the wagers will discover on 17 October whether they've won a couple.

Nike arrangements to utilize the innovation from the Mag shoes in different models later on, however they won't look like thoes from Back To The Future.