Removing headphones on next iPhone version?

Apple founding father Steve Wozniak recently aforesaid removing the electro-acoustic transducer jack within the next version of the iPhone goes to “tick off lots of individuals.” It’s been reported for months that Apple would be scrapping the three.5 millimetre electro-acoustic transducer jack within the iPhone seven it’s expected to unveil next week. Such a move, Wozniak aforesaid in Associate in Nursing interview, may upset users WHO have invested with in listening technology that uses the electro-acoustic transducer jack.

Sri Lanka to control utilize and import of asbestos from 2018

The Cabinet of Ministers has endorsed a proposition to control the import and utilization of asbestos from January 01, 2018 and to set up an operational project to forbid the asbestos related creations by the year 2024. Asbestos is utilized for some items including material sheets, floor tiles, concrete channels, brake stack of vehicles, papers, and ropes. Since 1987 importation of blue asbestos (Crocidolite) has been disallowed as it was recognized as a cancer-causing agent by the World Health Organization (WHO), and at present a wide range of asbestos including white asbestos (Chrysotile) have been distinguished as cancer-causing agents. Around 80% of asbestos imported to Sri Lanka are utilized for material sheet generation. "In like manner, the proposition made by the President

Maldives needs to broaden trade links with country

Invites country corporations to speculate in massive Maldivan comes

The Maldivan diplomatist in country Her Excellency Mrs. Zahiya Zareer invited the Sri Lankan corporations to speculate in development comes in Maldives.

“We area unit gap massive comes for International bidding, like landing field development, housing, hospitals and renewable power projects’, she aforesaid throughout a gathering with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce command early in the week.

“Even currently there area unit massive Sri Lankan firms operational in Maldives and that we would really like alternative fascinating firms to bid for varied projects’ Her Excellency additional told throughout the meeting, she had with the CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake.