Skullcandy Ink'd remote survey: An extraordinary remote travel partner

Skullcandy is a name understood and synonymous with headphones and headphones. We got our hands on one of the organization's offerings from the Bluetooth headphones portion, the Skullcandy Ink'd remote. The lightweight and reasonable Ink'd remote headphones have an awesome battery life and have been an enjoyment to me, particularly amid my every day drive to work and back home.

Skullcandy Ink'd

Ink'd headphones include a coordinated remote on the left hand side of the neck band, with three stout catches for volume and delay/play (that pairs as call reply/end catch also).
Holding the volume up catch progresses the track and holding the down volume rewinds it. A blue light irregularly flashes when your headphones are associated with a gadget, and flickers red when it isn't associated.

Value: Rs 3,999

What is great?

Ink'd remote offer fair stable and they are an extremely agreeable fit for the ears on account of the neckline bone outline. The remote plan implies there is no pulling and pulling of headphones while you are going in swarmed metro trains – which is a major in addition to for clients. There are sensibly great to accept calls, however you may have issues with your voice achieving the flip side in loud swarmed spaces.

The silicone earpieces of the Ink'd remote are to a great degree delicate, and these don't hurt regardless of the possibility that you're utilizing them consistently for two or three hour. The tight seal of the delicate eartips implies there was next to no to no foundation clamor even in swarmed spaces, while playing music at around 50-60 for each penny volume.

The lightweight outline is another reward with these remote headphones. The music nature of the Ink'd remote is completely better than most I have attempted till date. In addition to the fact that they are uproarious, are equipped for playing the full range of music that you have in your playlist. It astounded me how great the bass was on these headphones, and being a "Stone" music audience, I was stuck to them. There is likewise heavenly clarity in mid-range and treble, which can contend with Bluetooth headphones with a much higher sticker price.

The battery life on the headphones was additionally really good, with the headphones enduring me just about four hours of drive every day.

What is terrible?

The quality and the style of the headphones could have been something more. The absence of any shading highlights, leaves the Ink'd headphones resembling an exceptionally single conditioned bit of tech – which a few people may like, however feels somewhat dull to me. The fabricate nature of the headphones could have been somewhat better also considering the sticker price.

The charging port is covered up under a plastic cover, which is a torment to open unless you have tolerably long fingernails and a bother to return in the wake of charging.

The other huge issue with the Ink'd headphones is the issue of network amid music playback. Despite the fact that they are anything but difficult to associate with all Bluetooth gadgets, it is troublesome for the headphones to keep an association.

I initially saw the disturbance in music while going in a swarmed metro prepare, with the telephone resting in my pocket. It happened on many events and I saw that multiple occassions when I was moving, the music would all of a sudden get cut for a moment or two preceding returning on. The issue proceeded notwithstanding when I associated with different gadgets, and at different areas.


There are such a variety of alternatives for Bluetooth headphones in the market at this moment, and those offerings have their upsides and downsides. Skullcandy Ink'd headphones are a decent alternative and are sensibly valued for the considerable nature of music they put out – that too for an admission couple of hours on a solitary charge.